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    Vegan is the new AWESOME!!!

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    I just received a few samples in the mail and all three of my pooches LOVE it. They actually went crazy for it.

    The company says ” All the benefits of a raw meat diet but made from cleaner plant proteins.


  • 12Aug

     Every year I travel to the Midwest to see family. It is exciting to see how things are changing from year to year. Change happens more slowly in the Midwest and the South compared to the West  Coast but still it is happening and for the positive  when it comes to veganism and the animals. Twenty years ago the term vegan was not really recognized in the Midwest and you were not received well even as a vegetarian. I know because I was a vegetarian in the midwest 20 years ago.

    Ten years ago most would make jokes and pronounce it VAY GUN instead of VEE GUN and tell me how much they loved bacon.People were still eating meat 2-3 times a day and drinking dairy milk and I mean most of the people. 

    Fast Forward to  June 2014 and  I will tell you it is a different story. Many of my relatives have non dairy milk in their fridge, mostly almond or soy. I now have a couple vegan family members. My cousin Shellie even made me Kombucha while I was in Des Moines. Many of the mainstream restaurants in the bigger towns and cities have veggie burgers and a few non animal items on the menus. 

    In Chicago I discovered Karyn’s  vegan empire. We had dinner at Karyn’s cooked and lunch at Karyn’s raw. In Des Moines I always pop into New City Market and Ritual Cafe for a little piece of Cali. I visited Zombie Burger and they had a really yummy veggie burger. Unfortunately no vegan buns which I asked about for the future. I had it on greens. It’s a super fun place that could up their vegan game a bit.. Dos Rios in Downtown Des Moines had awesome vegan items. The food was sensational. I did email ahead to request vegan consideration and they were great. Anyone who knows me knows I go to Chucks on 6th Avenue every time I am in Des Moines and even though it is an old fashioned nostalgic place for me they always hook me up.

    Cleveland has some veg restaurants but we usually end up at mainstream places with my in laws. Many places can easily accommodate vegans so it’s fine. I wish more coffee shops would carry a non dairy milk and they desperately need more vegan baking going on. If you are a vegan baker in that area there is a hole that you could fill. Ohio seems a little behind in the evolution of food.

    Minnepolis has come a long way and I think vegan is poised to explode in that vibrant but small city. I could see Minneapolis leading the Midwest in a shift towards a more plant based life.

    The  most important change is that people in the Midwest are starting to realize that vegan is NOT a diet but a different way of thinking. It encompasses so much more than any diet such as compassion for animals, better use of resources, improved health for humans and less detrimental impact on our planet.  Can Paleo, South Beach or The Grapefruit diet do any of those amazing things? Of course not. Fad diets are designed only to help people lose weight in the short term. Being vegan is about so much more than that. It’s a plus that it happens to be good for the body but what it does for the soul has a far greater impact.

    My next Midwestern trip will be really amazing because my book will be published and I will be meeting and talking to people about that.  I cannot wait to see how much things grow and change in the months to come.


    Downtown Des Moines Sculpture gardenIMG_9518 IMG_9649

    New City Market LOVE THESE

    New City Market


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    Bebe dress and Jessica Simpson canvas vegan shoes

    Jessica Simpson canvas shoes

    Vegan Fashion

    Vegan Fashion

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    This bag is a stunner. I have it in black too. I highly recommend it!!!!

    This bag is a stunner. I have it in black too. I highly recommend it!!!!

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    IMG_6739 Vegan shoes for men at www.alternativeoutfitters.com

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    I am really into kimonos right now. I have 7 and this one is adorable with so many things

    I am really into kimonos right now. I have 7 and this one is adorable with so many things. Chop Siouxy Clothing, Los Angeles. She has a Fb page and website

    I wear this one everywhere and with everything

    I wear this one everywhere and with everything

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  • 09Jul
    I really love this one

    I really love this one

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    Harrelson is also an ethical vegan and raw foodist

    “I was on a bus and some girl sees me blowing my nose,” Harrelson is saying of his early years trying to make it as an actor in New York. “I had acne all over my face, which I’d had for years and years. And she’s like: ‘Hey, you’re lactose intolerant. If you quit dairy, all these symptoms you got will be gone in three days.’ I was like twenty-four. And I was like, No way. But three days later: gone.


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    Dea and Ever





    Dea and Ever #2I am very excited that my book One Vegan Mama is being published. In the book I share so much starting with my upbringing in Iowa, what led me to veganism, my vegan pregnancy, dealing with family and friends who don’t see eye to eye, traveling as a vegan, fashion, easy and quick mama on the go recipes and so much more.

    My intention with the book is to help people. I meet so many people who have an interest in being more compassionate and healthy but find it difficult or overwhelming.If I can do it and so happily I feel that anyone can. I am not a vegan chef or a hippie or a total health nut. My motivation initially was my love for animals and I have benefited so much in return.It was a building blocks sort of thing for me. Now it is second nature but it took small changes upon small changes that ultimately became a big shift in my life.

    Living vegan is one of  my favorite life choices and when I find something incredible I always want to share it.