• 16Jun

    Vegan is the new AWESOME!!!

  • 03Apr

    Dea and Ever





    Dea and Ever #2I am very excited that my book One Vegan Mama is being published. In the book I share so much starting with my upbringing in Iowa, what led me to veganism, my vegan pregnancy, dealing with family and friends who don’t see eye to eye, traveling as a vegan, fashion, easy and quick mama on the go recipes and so much more.

    My intention with the book is to help people. I meet so many people who have an interest in being more compassionate and healthy but find it difficult or overwhelming.If I can do it and so happily I feel that anyone can. I am not a vegan chef or a hippie or a total health nut. My motivation initially was my love for animals and I have benefited so much in return.It was a building blocks sort of thing for me. Now it is second nature but it took small changes upon small changes that ultimately became a big shift in my life.

    Living vegan is one of  my favorite life choices and when I find something incredible I always want to share it.

  • 18Nov

    Starbucks needs vegan items



    All vegans are different just as all people are unique and individual. Certainly I share many of the same ethics, morals and a sense of responsibility with other vegans but I do my life my own way.


    I do feel it is important to encourage corporations mostly ignoring vegans to get with the program. We are increasing in numbers at a rapid rate and any smart business would strive to accommodate us.


    I find it important to support and discuss the corporations who are embracing vegans such as Burger King, Chipotle, PF Changs etc. The more people support these places having vegan items by purchasing them the more such items will  show up on menus all over the place.


    Do I think Veggie Grill is gonna take over? Yes, I do but in the meantime let’s support those few places who have made the effort to include vegan items. Vegan restaurants in general are by far my favorite. Crossroads in Hollywood is top of my list right now for fine dining and Veggie Grill,Cafe Gratitude and Vinh Loi are some of my other faves. The food quality is just better and I feel better. It’s the best of both worlds. I get to go out and have a fab time and feel great too.Vegan is the future of restaurants.


    I think my place in this changing landscape is to be accessible to people. I am from the midwest and I understand that way of thinking and life. I have lived in California for most of my adult life and I have benefited health wise so much and I want to share that with people. There is just no denying that Californians take health and fitness to a whole new level. I am still born and raised a midwestern girl. I am also very busy and on the go. I get the whole busy mom thing and I have taught myself how to do that VEGAN. I want to share it with others. When it comes to on the go moms and people some of these chains that are doing vegan items can help us in a pinch


  • 18Nov

    Feature film featuring a vegan main character.

  • 28Oct

    You must see this movie. It’s a story that spans over 30 years and it’s compelling. The bottom line is that Sea World needs to close or start over and employ some animal welfare people. The younger whales need to be let out into the wild if they can survive and the older ones need to be moved to an ocean sanctuary. These creatures have been imprisoned and  used for too long. This needs to be the end.  Sea World is a hell for these animals and that is NOT ok.


    Please see this film and do not visit Sea World but instead write them a letter asking them to let these Whales go. Tilikum has been in jail for 30 years for no crime. He was taken out of the ocean from his mother and family as they screamed for him. That  Whale has endured an awful life to line some greedy people’s pockets and enough is enough.  Tilikum needs to be given a chance at a better life now. We all need to demand this for him.

  • 24Oct
    Our fantastic cast Tonya Kay as Darcy, Jessica Garner as Jenna, Judy Baker as Lana, Henry LeBlanc as Ronnie and Jamie McRae as Ali

    Our fantastic cast Tonya Kay as Darcy, Jessica Gardner as Jenna, Judy Baker as Lana, Henry LeBlanc as Ronnie and Jamie McRae as Ali


    I am super excited to report that the first vignette of The Pamphleteer will be shot the first week of November 2013. This is a very exciting time for filmmaking and also for opening up the conversation of animals used for food and other industries. My two passions emerge on this project.I want people to understand that this film is a story, one girl’s story and then it also contains 9 short stories of people she affects good, bad and indifferent. These are true to life scenarios and I  hope many people will see themselves and people they know in the characters.

    This film will ask you questions and  hopefully make you ponder how people receive information and what impacts their willingness to be open to change.

    Being open and willing to grow and improve is so important because as humans we are learning  new information daily and our brains have an amazing capacity to process all of this and help us put it to good use. This can only happen if we are open to it. Being closed minded limits a person and limits what we can accomplish collectively.

    The best films entertain and then make us really think.


    We are in the funding stage for the entire feature. Our budget is 250,000




  • 23Sep


    Carob:peanut butter muffins


    2/3 cup non dairy spread (melted)

    1 tbs. Vanilla

    1 cup soy milk

    2 tsp. apple cider vinegar

    2 1/4 cups fava/garbanzo flour

    1 cup vegan sugar

    1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

    1/2 tsp baking soda

    1/2 cup soft tofu

    3/4 cup carob chips

    3/4 cup peanut butter ( I get the PB from Sprouts and put it in the fridge so I can cut it into tiny squares)


    Stir vigorously and pour into cupcake/muffin pan

    350 degrees for 20- 25 minutes

    Makes a dozen





  • 23Sep

    What can I say? I am obsessed. This is number 9 I think. I LOVE these bags. They are luxurious, beautiful and vegan.

    If you have not discovered Susan Nichole seize this moment and go to www.susannichole.com and treat yourself or the one you LOVE to an amazing piece of compassionate fashion.


     This one is called  "Jessica" I love her so much. Just in time for fall.

    This one is called “Jessica” I love her so much. Just in time for fall.

  • 23Sep
     I love this company. Right now at Whole Foods you can get this tank in an array or colors for just $8 each. Love the feel and fit.

    I love this company. Right now at Whole Foods you can get this tank in an array or colors for just $8 each. Love the feel and fit.

  • 07Sep




    Millennium San Francisco

    San Francisco





    Dessert before dinner

    Dessert before dinner




    My family and I recently took a road trip along the coast to San Francisco. God I love that city. We stayed at Park 55 and took a few block walk to Millennium restaurant which just happens to be the best or one of the best vegan restaurants in the city.It has a really cool set up with a big square bar in the middle with lots of interesting characters and a little dim lighting goes a long way with me. It’s in the lobby area of a big old hotel, super cool. Just the place and vibe alone had me loving this restaurant.

    We ended up ordering a bunch of odd mismatched things which I do sometimes. We had the steak fries, roasted beets, crusted mushrooms and a dessert plate. We have a toddler so I try to order a few things I know she will like first. I went crazy for the crusted mushrooms and so did my husband so instead of fighting over them we ordered a second plate. I also had them make me some green beans steamed and lightly sauteed. I cannot remember what main dish my husband ended up with, probably something with eggplant but we left very satisfied and a little buzzed. They have quite a nice wine list to go along with delicious food and incredible ambiance.

    I highly recommend this restaurant if you are in San Francisco.




    580 Geary street

    San Francisco,CA


    415 345-3900

  • 23May


    My 2 year old daughter

    My 2 year old daughter


    I have a 2 year old so I did extensive research. Our doctors at Kaiser and nutritionist Dr Lalazar  in Beverly Hills, not to mention every online source I could find recommends between 13-16 grams per 24 hours for a 2 year old child.


    This is a cinch and my 2 year old vegan daughter gets twice the protein she needs per day so I cannot imagine what the protein status of  the average American 2 year old is.


    What has  13-16 grams of  protein

    1)1 cup of fortified soy milk  and 2 tbs peanut butter

    2)one soy yogurt and one veggie breakfast patty

    3) 1/4 cup dry quinoa and 1/2 cup beans

    4) 3 oz of tempeh has 13 grams of protein

    5.2.8 oz of tofu has 10 grams of protein, add spinach and a little daiya cheese and you’ve got it.Not to mention I always use 1 tbs of nutritional yeast flakes for a cheesy flavor and that’s another 3 grams of protein so that puts it between 13-16 grams of protein in one small meal. Morning tofu scramble. Easy,delicious and all the protein needed for a one day for a 2 year old.

    6. protein shake with peanut butter and coconut milk added protein powder has 25 grams for less than a cup so if my daughter and I have one of those it’s 9 grams over her daily recommended protein. That is only one part of a breakfast some days.

    7.kids size oatmeal 4 grams protein and one cup ultra soy 10 grams =14 grams

    8.dairy free mac and chreese has 12 grams of protein per cup and I add peas or spinach. Most pastas I use have between 4-7 grams per cup plain. I use quinoa pasta or veggie pasta usually

    9.garden veggie burger with vegan cheese and sweet pot fries

    10. Potato,veggie and tofu cakes. I make these amazing. I bake potatoes,peel and mash with veggies also cooked and finely chopped and add firm tofu raw, a little orig rice milk and egg replacer and bake. Like nuggets.

    11. homemade split pea soup or minestrone soup

    This is a short list but the point is that a 2 year old can get their recommended protein easily in one or 2 meals, no problem.Not just a 2 year old, anyone can do it sans animal products but this particular post is about 2 year olds.


    Veggie Protein Trick-Brownies made with a can of black beans instead  of milk,eggs and oil is a good trick.

    Add Nutritional Yeast flakes to any  steamed veggie for a cheesy flavor and 3 extra grams of protein per 1 tablespoon. My tiny one will eat peas,broccoli and carrots with this trick.No problem!!!


    You want to give your 2 year old as many veggies and fruits as possible. Here is how they come out and I know it would be a trick to get a 2 year old to eat a cup of broccoli but a little in 2 meals a day ups nutrients and protein. I put spinach in her mac and cheese,peas or spinach in her tofu scrambles,black beans in her brownies and anytime I think I can get anything extra good in any dish I do it. oatmeal and yogurt are a good place to up the fruits for example,just cut small.

    broccoli has 4.6 grams per cup

    spinach 5.3 grams per cup

    Corn- 5 grams per cup

    Potato with skin- 5 grams per cup

    artichoke- 5 grams per cup

    Fruits have less protein than veggies and beans but don’t count them out. For instance golden berries have 4 grams of protein for about 1/4 cup and bananas,cantaloupe and strawberries are 6-7 % protein.

    So please relax about the protein. Chances are you are eating twice what you need and so is your child. Making sure our children get more of a variety and more actual nutrients is very important. Chicken nuggets, french fries and hamburgers is not  a healthy diet for kids or adults.Up the veggies. Up the fruit. You’ll never go wrong there.